uhhuh The Price of Knowledge
Was it worth it?
Time will tell.


My name is Wilson P. Higgsbury, and I, am a man of science. Well, a man of science trapped out in the middle of no where. But nonetheless, I will continue to experiment just as I always have.

Care to join me?

[Indie Crossover/OC friendly RP blog for Wilson from Don't Starve.

Reset his timeline. Everything has been wiped. He's back to a usual derpy scientist.]

"This game has gone on long enough. It’s time to finish this, Higgsbury! You’re not worthy to be on the throne!"

And it’s finished! c: I am absolutely amazed at how this turned out, jesus fucking christ I am drooling.

It was so worth the wait, and I am incredibly happy. <3 But, Please! Check out the artist who drew this beautiful thing for me.


She also has a weasyl, guys, just google it. <3 She is a huge inspiration to me and I am just.. in Awe.

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