uhhuh The Price of Knowledge
Was it worth it?
Time will tell.


My name is Wilson P. Higgsbury, and I, am a man of science. Well, a man of science trapped out in the middle of no where. But nonetheless, I will continue to experiment just as I always have.

Care to join me?

[Indie Crossover/OC friendly RP blog for Wilson from Don't Starve.

Reset his timeline. Everything has been wiped. He's back to a usual derpy scientist.]

It was that dream again. You were in your cabin, working away at some sort of trinket or chemical mixture. You were so CLOSE to making a break through, it was so close you could taste it. But the longer you worked, the louder the radio behind you played. No matter where you went, it was like the music followed you. It got louder and louder, until eventually.. the glass that was in your hands shattered, accidentally cutting your palm.


It only took a grimace and a moment of shutting your eyes, but before you knew it, you were enveloped in black once you re-opened them. Not again, you thought. You thought this was over. You were SURE you escaped from that island.. You were sure of it! Hands bolted out from the shadows, their grip strong enough to bruise. You yelped, writhing and wriggling in an attempt to get away. Alas, they were too strong.

They wasted no time in dragging you away, leaving only the remains of shattered glass upon the floor.

"Aaaaaaah! ..Oh dear.”

Wilson awoke, jolting up from the cot that lay beside the camp fire. With sweat now beading onto his forehead, the young scientist glanced around a bit nervously. He wished he could let out a sigh of relief, yet he could not.

He wasn’t out of this nightmare yet.

Wilson had been a ‘resident’ of this island for quite a few months, enough time for him to get the hang of this whole ‘physical labor’ ordeal. He still hated it, in fact it was the worst thing he’s ever had to do in his life, yet he had to.

Inhaling slowly, he pushed himself to his feet. The day was still relatively young, and he had a lot of work to do. An obnoxious dream was not something to curl up and cry about, especially when you’ve been through those horrors first hand. Dreams were child’s play at this point! Hoisting his bag into his shoulders, the scientist set off to explore. Maybe if he was lucky he could get a hold of one of those pesky gobblers for once.

"Thank the stars it’s going to be fall soon."

[So guess who just deleted about 3000 posts off of this blog. It’s me. I did the thing.

Hi guys, long time no see eh? Since last night, I have been cleaning up Wilson’s blog hardcore. i’ve deleted all my old posts, save for some photos and music that are important to me, and I guess I’m considering returning.

Now, what does this mean for Wilson?

It means no more shitty over-convoluted story, no more time loops, I realize that was an absolutely ridiculous choice, and I think if I /DO/ come back, I’m going to stick with keeping him a simple (Albeit headstrong) scientist.

But, hey there everyone. ;v; It’s been a while. I hope everyone has been well. I’m trying to change for the better and be a good person. So if you guys are willing to welcome me back when I’m ready, I would be most grateful.]

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